Alicante Football Academy

Welcome to the fastest growing international football academy in Spain. Learn the Spanish football style in our Academy and train with Spanish Pro clubs straight away.

We train you.
We make you better.
We give you trials with Pro Clubs.

Alicante Academy

Alicante Academy Alicante Academy
The soccer Academy benefits from top-class football facilities in Alicante, including the use of top-quality training pitches, state of the art gym where the aim is to deliver intensive coaching sessions designed to improve and develop your individual game level.

We relate to the passion and desire of aspiring international football players and we know how to help you accomplish your dream of becoming a successful soccer player in Spain.

What makes our soccer academy stand out? You will train with Professional Spanish Clubs as a trial straight away after joining us. Giving you the best chance to become a Pro player in Spain.

You will train in the mornings with Academy players and in the evenings with Spanish teams where we present you. If you are good enough and the clubs are interested in you, there will be a possibility to sign a professional contract.

At your next home Alicante you can enjoy mild winter temperatures and hot summers. You get to enjoy intensive training as well as beautiful beaches!

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Alicante Football Academy courses include the following:

  • Full time football academy with training twice a day
  • UEFA PRO Qualified Professional Full Time Coaches
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week.
  • Gym and group training
  • Physiotherapy
  • High quality accommodation
  • Airport transfer and complimentary transport to trainings and matches
  • Spanish language courses
  • Training Kit
  • Beach soccer
  • Excursions and entertainment with team

We are waiting to our team experienced players aged 16 to 25 years.

Become a Pro Player in Alicante

Football academy in Spain for international students

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How it works

Join the Academy

Filling our form

To join our soccer school fill the form in the top of the page. Before that, check all our information and chose how long you want to join us in the Join The Academy section.

Train and develop

With our UEFA Qualified coaches

You will train in the mornings with Alicante Football Academy players and in the evenings with Professional Spanish teams in Alicante.

Improve fast

And work in your studies

Improve your level with our daily training, exposure to Professional clubs, competition, gym facilities. Work in your studies with our Advanced Coaching Course.

Train with Clubs in Spain

Get a Professional Contract in Spain

Showcase your talents and new soccer abilities when you train with Pro Clubs and join them with a Professional Contract.

Our mission is to find you a Professional Club in Spain

To achieve this, we will work together to improve you as a player and we will present you to clubs.

Whatever your current level is, you will train with Pro Clubs in Alicante. If you are good enough and they want you you will sign a Professional Football Contract

At the same time, you will work in your studies.

With our Advanced Coaching Course and our Spanish Courses

Our Soccer Academy for International students is the stepping stone before becoming a professional footballer.

Our Top Class facilities will make you feel like a Pro Player

You will live in the Academy Hotel with the other players. Morning trainings will take place in our Soccer School fields. We have our own Gym for Strength and Conditioning training.

Everything you need to live comfortably and perform at your best

Your Football Studies

Your Football Studies

We have partnered with a prestigious Football Studies School to offer you the Advanced Coaching Course.

While playing for Alicante Football Academy you will study the Oficial Regulated course to become a Coach in the future.

Studies are a big part of your development as a player and as a person. We are an Academy for International Students, so we wanted to offer this course as a way for you to be able to play in our soccer school and study with us.

If you are already enrolled in Oficial studies you will not have to take part in the course.

Full time youth football Academy in Spain

Training. Studies. Trials with Pro Clubs in Alicante

The perfect environment to improve as a player and become a Soccer player in Spain.

Join the academy


6 Months Football Academy

  • All included training season
  • Total 9900 EUR per season

3 Months Football academy

  • All included training session
  • Total: 5100 EUR per 3 months

1 Month football academy

  • All included training session

Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked questions
  • How do I join Alicante Football Academy?
You have to fill up our registration form PDF. In there you can tell us all your details as a player and how long you want to join us.

  • How long can I join the academy for?
You can join the academy from 1 month to a 9 month full season.

  • Who are the coaches?
We have UEFA PRO level standard coaches with experience coaching Profesional Clubs in Spain as well as Strength and Conditioning coaches to take your game to the next level.

  • Do I have to do a test or trial to enter?
You are not required to do a trial. You join us and start training with the Academy , also you will be exposed to Pro Spanish clubs with an opportunity to join them with a Professional Contract.

  • How often will I train?
You will train from Monday to Friday in the mornings with the Academy players. Then you will train with Pro Spanish Clubs in Alicante in the afternoons between 3 and 5 days a week. Added to that there will be Strength and Conditioning trainings in the gym weekly.

  • Do I have to have an standard minimum level?
No. Regardless of your current football abilities, we will train you and improve you daily and showcase you to clubs matching your level.

  • Where will I live?
You will live in the official Alicante Soccer Academy complex in Alicante with all the other players. You will be picked up from there to train and to join other clubs in Alicante.

  • How is Alicante as a city?
Alicante is one of the most beautiful and relaxed cities in Spain. You can enjoy mild winter temperatures and hot summers.


Lauri Nakstroem

Academy Director

Phone: +34656288990 E-mail:

Carlos Romero


Phone: +34652894884 E-mail:

Julio Bonmati

Head Coach

Phone: +34650702842 E-Mail:

Alistair Inglis

Fitness Coach


Gustavo Pomares Villar

Technical Coach





  • Calle Dr. Perez Mateos, 2, 03550 Sant Joan d'Alacant, Alicante, Spain