Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked questions
  • How do I join Alicante Football Academy?
You have to fill up our registration form PDF. In there you can tell us all your details as a player and how long you want to join us.

  • How long can I join the academy for?
You can join the academy from 1 month to a 9 month full season.

  • Who are the coaches?
We have UEFA PRO level standard coaches with experience coaching Profesional Clubs in Spain as well as Strength and Conditioning coaches to take your game to the next level.

  • Do I have to do a test or trial to enter?
You are not required to do a trial. You join us and start training with the Academy , also you will be exposed to Pro Spanish clubs with an opportunity to join them with a Professional Contract.

  • How often will I train?
You will train from Monday to Friday in the mornings with the Academy players. Then you will train with Pro Spanish Clubs in Alicante in the afternoons between 3 and 5 days a week. Added to that there will be Strength and Conditioning trainings in the gym weekly.

  • Do I have to have an standard minimum level?
No. Regardless of your current football abilities, we will train you and improve you daily and showcase you to clubs matching your level.

  • Where will I live?
You will live in the official Alicante Soccer Academy complex in Alicante with all the other players. You will be picked up from there to train and to join other clubs in Alicante.

  • How is Alicante as a city?
Alicante is one of the most beautiful and relaxed cities in Spain. You can enjoy mild winter temperatures and hot summers.